We had to create character sketches for our robot, Sassy, who is part of the cute robot army.

Team Sassy is:
Lawrence Mascia – Huxtable Easterwood
Brain Carter – Brainy Bravin
Bruce Drummond – Superduper Constantine

Basic Attributes
Character name: Estella
Gender & Age: Female, 1 decade
Appearance: Pirate, punk, military, rebel
Strength and Speed: Quick and agile with a lot of stamina
Perception and Intelligence: Always aware of her environment, fairly intelligent
Damages: Missing limb, weathered, maybe eyepatch
Class Features and Class Rank: Frontline assembly, PrivateKey Personality Traits
Iconic trait: Gold tooth
Habits: Smoking cigars
Flaw: Over confident, condescending
Fears: Rats
Desires: To fly

Estella is the last survivor of a highly customized, mass produced model of robots created by Dr. T.R. Fiddlewink Esq. This line of robots were terminated soon after their creation due to their inherent personality disorder problems. Estella escaped with her life and swam across the seven seas only to end up in the cute robot army. Estella is mean to her mates, has a major attitude problem and is always on a mission. She is full of anger and hatred for her creator and all humanity in general.

Basic skills: Trained in Shaolin Kung Fu, hand-to-hand combat
Feats: None
Specialty: Heavy artillery and vehicles
Tricks: Card tricks!
Advantages/Disadvantages: Her over confidence gets in the way

Combat options
Primary weapon: Rocket launcher
Secondary weapon: Heavy machine gun
Tertiary weapon: Laser gun