To say that times are changing is an understatement. Things are changing faster than we can keep up. As a human race we are constantly evolving and each major event over the course of our evolutionary history over various time intervals have marked the rise and fall of cultural and societal changes. I think we are headed towards an event of that nature that will alter the course of our lives drastically, forever. It is said great turmoil is prevalent before such an event occurs. This might be that moment of transition. Maybe this means we are headed towards the Apocalypse.

I think that significant technological advancements have taken place during times of adversity. Most of these advancements are a result of human beings’ need to push their own limits and also extend those of the earth. Until we successfully achieve immortality, or successfully become a part of the machines that we build, it won’t stop.

In this vortex, I find myself – a human being, an artist. There are definitely tough times ahead and numerous obstacles to be overcome. But, instead of depressing me, that excites me; that’s what really brings out the artist in me – the challenges, the hardships, the need for innovation. I know that technological advancement and innovation will continue and in times like these, will definitely take some huge leaps into the future. I’m excited to be a part of it and look forward to pushing my own limits and contributing to shaping a new world.

This podcast is a similar commentary, which I hope you find entertaining.

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