Simple data visualizations created using the NYTimes Newswire API for the Data Visualization As Generative Narrative class. These are also my initial explorations with AS3 and dataviz.

The circular rings are rotated around a center point based on the time the news piece was posted. The size of the ring is based on the number of characters in the headline and different colors are used for each section (for purely aesthetic reasons). The dense area in the middle indicates that a majority of the headlines are around the same characters in length. Click on the image to view the visualization.

Here the length of the characters are represented as a equalizer-like histogram. Moving the mouse over the bars reveals the headline and generates/plays a pulse wave. The frequency is also based on the number of characters in each headline – low for shorter and high for longer headlines.


The mockup below is intended to be a generative tetris-like game. The pieces are generated based the headline that is displayed along with the piece. Each section is color coded and has a piece assigned to it. Higher points can be scored by attaching the pieces to headlines that are related based on terms or people mentioned.