Jnx an augmented, tactile interface for stress relief

[vimeo 4557789]


Jnx is an augmented, tactile interface for stress relief, in the form of a plush doll. The core idea of Jnx is based around the concept of squeezing something, much like stress busters, which is emulated by squeezing the dolls throat.

The look and feel of Jnx is inspired by sack puppets and voodoo dolls to add a mystical aura to the interaction. The interface emulates a voodoo doll like behavior by allowing the user to strangle it or twist it arms and legs. The doll responds to the users actions in the form of audio playback.

An Arduino Duemilanove with an ATMega328 microcontroller is used to power the project. A zipper on the front provides easy access to switch the unit on/off, change a 9V battery and adjust the volume on theĀ Adafruit Wave Shield, which is used to playback audio loops.

The audio loops are triggered when force is applied to the flex sensors in the arms and legs, and a force sensitive resistor in the neck.