Uses point recording and FM sysnthesis. The location of a point affects the Carrier Frequency on the x-axis and Modulator…

The Line

Uses a cumulative rotating drawing object and FM synthesis. The x and y difference between points affects the modulator index,…


fr3shb0t was created as the final project for the physical computing class. It uses SpeakJet, TTS256 and PIC16F88 microprocessors and an ultrasonic rangefinders. If someone comes close to fr3shb0t, he gets excited and hits on them! He says “Hey, good looking!”

Testing the Wave Shield

Testing the audio Wave Shield from adafruit. It took a while to get it working because strangely the USB cables I got from Staples don’t work with it. Very weird. Anyway here’s the first test with the looped audio example.

Diver: Sequencer on acid!

  An Arduino sound project, Diver is an instrument inspired by Analog Sequencers and Theremins. It allows creating a four-note…

Tweetlite: A twitter visualization cube

After 2 more rounds of prototypes and one round of user testing. I decided to build Tweetlite. Tweetlite is a twitter feed visualization cube, dimensions around 5x5x5. It translates and displays the conversations on a twitter feed in morse code. Each message is a different color.