Vibrant Safe Space

Role: Lead Fullstack Developer
Client: Vibrant Emotional Health
Team: ustwo
Technology: JAMStack, React, Gatsby, Contentful, Netlify, Tailwind CSS, Framer Motion, PIXIjs


Safe Space is a repository of free resources and tools for extra emotional support while callers are on the line with 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, administered by Vibrant Emotional Health.

Role and Team

As the sole developer, I collaborated closely with a designer and multiple client stakeholders to build a mobile-friendly and accessible JAMStack website. The project resulted in additional business from the client. My responsibilities included the following:

  • Scoping, technical design and documentation, authoring a user manual
  • Partnering with a designer to systematize components, assess feasibility, ideation and concepts for the shader
  • Frontend development, backend development and devops
  • Custom shader development utilizing Pixi.js
  • Enabling designers to customize shader parameters via a UI tool
  • Implementing UI animations and transitions in CSS and with Framer Motion

Final Design

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