Go Go Bots

Developed an HTML5 Facebook Instant Game for Facebook.

As the lead developer on this project I was responsible for setting up the architecture of the game front-end as well as backend services. The front-end is built with Cocos Creator, TypeScript, JavaScript, Facebook Instant Games SDK and PlayFab SDK. I laid down the foundation for and contributed to the main game systems including Redux-based state management, finite state machines for animation, a custom level editor plugin and the core game mechanic.

The backend is built on Azure (Functions, Logic Apps, PlayFab) and Facebook Instant Games. All important KPIs within the game are tracked at a fairly granular level using Facebook Analytics.

The ustwo team consisted of 3 developers, 2 designers, 2 technical artists, 2 project managers and 2 QA engineers collaborating closely with the client team for over a year.