social sqncr

social sqncr is an interactive audio-visual installation.


An interactive science education space at Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.


ShredBoard is an instrument that uses the conventional keyboard and mouse as input.


An audio-reactive, live VJ-ing app made with Processing.

Myna & Roc

Online audio production apps – Myna and Roc.

Futura Poster

A conceptual poster representing the historical context of the Futura font.


An information graphic that analyzes a users tasks over the course of the day.


TweetCatcha seeks to uncover the organic nature of news as it travels through Twitter over time, by examining the movement of NY Times articles through Twitter.


miBass is a bass guitar-like instrument that can be played on an iphone.


fr3shb0t was created as the final project for the physical computing class. It uses SpeakJet, TTS256 and PIC16F88 microprocessors and an ultrasonic rangefinders. If someone comes close to fr3shb0t, he gets excited and hits on them! He says “Hey, good looking!”

Beautiful People

A generative poster based on pixel data in Marilyn Manson’s “Beautiful People” music video.

Jnx an augmented, tactile interface for stress relief

Jnx is an augmented, tactile interface for stress relief, in the form of a plush doll. The core idea of Jnx is based around the concept of squeezing something, much like stress busters, which is emulated by squeezing the dolls throat.